Axiom Monthly Creative Wrap Up — December 2015

Welcome to Axiom’s Monthly Creative Wrap Up, a continuing series where we share the most exciting work that we’ve completed in the past month. As the year comes to a close, so do some of Axiom's projects — take a look below.

ValuD Consulting: Website; Logo

As a full-lifecycle provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) for real estate and facilities management industries, ValuD helps companies manage their facilities-based assets and maximize ROI with IBM's IWMS platform, TRIRIGA.

ValuD Website:

ValuD approached Axiom in need of a new website, one that would reflect the scale and success of their global company and their large team of TRIRIGA experts. After embarking on a series of design studies, Axiom produced a mobile-friendly, dynamic website which uses animated webpage graphics and bold photography to highlight the expertise and collaboration of their world-class TRIRIGA team.

View Website:


ValuD’s Logo:

Axiom also created a new, modern logo to represent ValuD’s collaborative process and their integrated and diverse global team.


SOS Environmental: Website; Logo; Collateral

For 20 years, SOS Environmental has provided environmental remediation products and services across the nation. Despite their established presence, their old website was dated, no longer communicating their breadth of services or depth of experience.

SOS Logo:

Tasked with creating a suite of creative materials, Axiom got right to work on designing a new logo, a modern mark that would represent the range of environments and industries that SOS services.

SOS Website:

Outdated, the SOS website was in need a refresh. Similarly, the new website would need to clearly identify the range of services SOS offered. Axiom designed a scalable, mobile-friendly website which uses bold icons, large banner messages and landscape photography to highlight SOS services, as well as customer pull-quotes to highlight their premium product quality and consultative customer service.


View Website:

Tradeshow Pop Up:


Cut Sheet:


ME2 Beauty Bar: Logo

Me2 Beauty Bar, a boutique beauty bar for tweens and teens, was searching to develop a logo identity for their newly established business and upcoming store. While a majority of spas and beauty bars only accept customers 18-years or older, ME2 Beauty Bar specifically targets the teens and tween audience, offering beauty services to an untapped market.

ME2 Logo:

Using colorful typography and minimalist designs, the new, Axiom-crafted logo appeals to both teen and tween daughters as well as their parents.


Earthport Properties: Website

Earthport Properties, a local real estate agency in Decatur, Texas, was seeking to expand their presence in a market dominated by larger, more established real estate agencies. Despite their regional presence, Earthport’s competitors were notorious for long response times and a lack of prompt service.


Earthport Website:

To combat this regional-perception, Axiom highlighted Earthport’s key differentiators of being a responsive source for local expertise and their role as committed partners for their clients. Using conversational banner messages and local photography, the new website was designed to facilitate mobile viewing and to achieve higher-ranking search engine results.


View Website:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this inside look into our latest projects. If you’re searching for your own creative execution, contact President Tom Hair at and (713) 523-5711 or Laura Paddock at

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